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OUR PROGRAM:  We offer an exclusive, time-tested and affordable 3-Step Success Program to help you get this done. Ours is a DRUG FREE program where you do not create another dependency. We empower YOU to be in control, not the cigarettes. Rarely do our clients report any difficulty with


We offer a 3-Session "Break Through" DISCOUNT package program for those who want to get a quick handle on their overeating as well as a more comprehensive 6-Session DISCOUNT package program to handle the many various issues associated with over eating. Both programs include supportive CD exercises. The fee for the 3-Session Package (valued at $270) is only $149 and for the 6-Session package (valued at $540) is only $295.(PLEASE NOTE that all DISCOUNT program fees are due at the initial session and are nonrefundable). Please call 843-650-8940 for more detail. Most Insurance Accepted

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"Welcome To Our Highly Successful Stop Smoking Clinic!"

Affordable, Time-Tested and Designed To  Get Results

(All Services Provided By A Licensed Counselor with Over 25 Years Experience Serving The Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand Area)

withdrawal symptoms. As a result, the fears and anxiety associated with quitting are minimized. The program is easy and safe. All you have to do is follow simple instructions and work with your therapist to completion.

Our Program is Comprehensive.

It involves a 3-Step Success Program with up to five private, one-on-one individualized sessions and is designed to help you with the quitting process but also to help prevent you from substituting food or some other substance to replace the cigarettes. This is called "symptom substitution". Our program helps to avoid this from happening.

Over the three steps, our program is designed to change how you identify yourself from being a smoker, back to that which is natural, A NONSMOKER!

STEP ONE: Clinical Interview - Setting The Tone

We explain the process you will go through and answer any questions you might have about hypnosis and the high level of success we achieve so that you can feel comfortable. We get to know YOU! So that we can design the process around the particular challenges and obstacles that you have had with quitting in the past.

We'll introduce you to some simple counter exercises that will help you to immediately begin to dismantle the automatic habit of smoking cigarettes and begin to put YOU back in control; not the cigarettes. We also help you to reduce the "stress response" which is a contributing factor to why people smoke cigarettes. As a result, most people report cutting back a third to a half of the number of cigarettes they smoke in the first week.

STEP 2: Resolving the Subconscious Resistance to Quitting

Here in this second Step, we will help you to remove and clear any obstacles or objections to quitting that have been identified so that you will effectively stop fighting with yourself. Whether its the cravings, the idea that cigarettes (poisons) help you relax or the fear of withdrawal, etc. This will prevent the so-called "symptom substitution" where you substitute food of another substance for cigarettes.(Hypnosis and a specialized guided imagery exercise is included here at Step Two).

You will begin an inner transformation as you will now have the knowledge, awareness and the tools to not only let go of the smoking habit, but also to help you prevent and resolve other similar issues in the future.

STEP 3: Freedom From Smoking Forever!

This is where we schedule your QUIT date. We combine the first two steps into an integrated hypnotherapy session that is recorded and will be put onto a CD which you will have for reinforcement.

Here we simply transition you from, identifying yourself as a smoker, back to that which is natural, A NONSMOKER! We actually deprogram or dehypnotize you and as a result eliminate the resistance. You won't smoke because that, (being a smoker), is just NOT who you are!


Our program is a private, confidential, one-on-one process and includes, if needed, up to five individual one hour sessions. In other words, if you want to quit, we'll help get it done for you!

The fee for this complete, confidential DISCOUNT program valued at $450 is only $249. We accept cash, check or Paypal. The fee is due at the initial session and is nonrefundable. If a couple or more than one person signs up at the same time, we offer an additional discount. Most Insurance and Credit Cards Accepted. Please call 843-650-8940 for more information.