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"As a disabled veteran with many health related issues, as well as varying mental health concerns, I have seen multiple therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists over the years through the VA healthcare system. Over the past few months of seeing Tim Loebs, I feel as though I have accomplished more of my therapy goals then I have in more than 15 years of counseling through the VA. His work with me as an individual, in addition to couples counseling with my significant other, has been beyond helpful. I would highly recommend his therapy, as well as his use of hypnotherapy, for any mental health needs."

Jenna, Disabled Veteran, Age 40

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Did you know that we are located in the South Carolina Wellness and Fitness Center on Holmestown Road. 

At our location, additional health and wellness services are offered  which include Massage Therapy, Karate Programs for all ages, Chiropractic, Ear Acupuncture, Yoga and Meditation.

If you would like more information about these services or to make an appointment, please call the Center at 843-668-4225.

We accept most  private insurance and Employee Assistance plans. We also offer  discount pricing programs and sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.

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"I cannot remember a time in my life that I have not battled with the ups and downs of depression. Even as a young boy I had low days. As a man 50 years old, I still deal with the depression and identify with it as my black cloud that floats by on unexpected times, but now I recognize it, acknowledge it and understand that it will move on. The one thing that made it so difficult in the past, is the physical feeling of discomfort I would get in the core of my chest. It was a heaviness that I could not describe. After beginning to visit a new counselor, Tim Loebs, I tried to explain what it was I was feeling and it was a discomfort that would not allow me to move on for days in some instances. Tim decided to work with me by asking a series of questions, that to me didn't make much sense, but I went with it as I was willing to try anything that might work. The questions being presented in his hypnotic type voice seemed to put me to sleep. At a certain point, the questions were finished, I seemed to straighten from the slump in my chair and I noticed the unwanted discomfort had slipped away somewhere. I was certainly relieved, but also was sure it would be back. I felt so light at that moment, I even wept. I still had my black cloud, but the physical pain was gone and over a year later it has not been back, even when the black cloud is. I don't always have an understanding of Tim's methods, such as the questions and answers, nor do I want to understand it. All I know, is that there is one less part of my depression to deal with when my friend the black cloud comes to visit. And I can thank Tim for that!"

JMU, Surfside Beach, SC

"During a time of severe health issues when I had lost hope, Tim Loebs empowered me to see how strong I was and to not judge myself because of my disfiguring disabilities. He reminded me that people would look beyond and see the real me that I hadn't been able to. I am grateful to Tim because he is a compassionate listener and will interact during a session when I am in need of that. Finding the correct therapist is essential towards restoring health. I highly recommend Tim Loebs."

COR, Surfside Beach, SC

Tim is an experienced and caring counselor who specializes in short-term solutions for most mental and emotional conditions

He takes a personalized, whole person approach to achieving your wellness goals..

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All new clients, upon request,  receive a complimentary half hour consultation to discuss goals and design a treatment plan.

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